The Cluster committee

The cluster brings together various organizations that gravitate around our industry.

Central scope

The central scope of the cluster is made up of businesses and organizations that offer an adventure tourism or ecotourism experience, or contribute directly to the development of this sector.

Producers of adventure activities and ecotourism businesses

The Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region has the largest concentration of adventure tourism and ecotourism businesses. The region’s producers offer a variety of activities in both summer and winter. Some have been operating for over 25 years and are pioneers of the industry in Quebec. They have contributed to the development and influence of adventure tourism and ecotourism in Eastern Canada.

Territories and outdoor infrastructures

The region is known for its exceptional natural sites such as Lac Saint-Jean, its tributary rivers, the Saguenay Fjord, and the Valin Mountains. In addition to these exceptional sites, there is an impressive network of tourist infrastructures and territories that promote the practice of adventure tourism and ecotourism activities.

Associated scope

The associated scope of the cluster is made up of businesses and organizations that complement the mission of the clusterand play an important role in the development of the sector.

Nature accomodation

Campsites, yurts, rustic cabins, unusual accommodations… more and more tourism businesses are offering adventure activity enthusiasts the opportunity to stay in the heart of nature, or are offering adventure products directly on their site.

Event organizers

Numerous events aimed at adventure customers are organized each year, including sports competitions, discovery fairs open to the public, and conferences aimed at businesses in the sector.

Manufacturers of outdoor equipment and clothing

Manufacturing companies that produce outdoor equipment and/or clothing, as well as manufacturers of specialized equipment used by adventure and ecotourism businesses.


Distributors and resellers of outdoor equipment

Stores that offer, for sale or rent, consumer products intended for outdoor activity participants and the clientele of adventure and ecotourism businesses.

Cluster Partners

Numerous socio-economic partners provide their support in the development and influence of the adventure tourism and ecotourism sector. These include:

  • RCMs and municipalities, particularly those with resources dedicated to tourism development;
  • Educational institutions that offer programs in tourism or related to the development of skills sought by adventure and ecotourism businesses;
  • Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), such as regional and sectoral tourism associations, or local tourism promotion organizations;
  • Development and funding organizations, including economic development organizations, organizations that promote innovative practices for businesses in the niche, and any other organization whose expertise can contribute to improving the supply or development of the sector;
  • Interested and involved ministries, directly or indirectly (MEI, MTO, Services Québec, etc.).


Education institutions and research laboratories

The region benefits from a skilled workforce from the various professional and post-secondary programs in the region, and over 20 years of expertise in research and training specific to the adventure tourism and ecotourism industry.

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Cégep de Saint-Félicien

Centre de formation professionnelle de La Baie